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  Knowledge Transfer Solution

MTC’s Knowledge Transfer Methodology (KTM) is a hallmark for our winning approach to acquiring and implementing skills on-the-job.The MTC KTM combines a balanced approach to combining traditional instruction with hands-on practical activities.

We define knowledge transfer as the tacit (intangible) and explicit (understood) information exchange and the collaboration that stimulates and fosters ongoing knowledge to be synthesized within our customer’s organization.

Our team of certified consultants work with clients globally to collaboratively develop a comprehensive learning solution that includes a wide variety of tools, including traditional classroom instruction, On-the-Job Shadowing, Mentorship, Lunch & Learn Workshops, and Remote e-Learning.

We use formal and informal training techniques and tools to transfer needed knowledge and skills to our clients in order for them to leverage internal resources to independently sustain continued growth and development of their own environments.

Why continue to pay for high priced consultants? MTC believes in empowering our clients with best practice and practical implementation strategies to enable them to develop the needed skills internally, while continuing to measure gains long after we are gone.

Our hands-on approach to learning enables our customers to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to be productive in their organizations in a short period of time.