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  In 2005, Air Force recognizes MTC's services

After careful consideration it was determined that Masai Technical Corporation appeared most likely to be able to meet the needs and float their expenses for overseas conduct of training.

Award was made on Oct. 4, and the contractor has proven reliable, capable, extremely customer oriented and, importantly, has a tremendous “can do” attitude.

MTC provided point-of-contact information that allows for almost instantaneous access to a knowledgeable source that can answer questions/resolve problems.

They are extremely flexible and strive to adapt to the ever changing direction of the foreign customer. They have an uncanny ability to provide answers within just minutes of the question being posed and never make the customer feel they are being an inconvenience. No problem seems too big for them.

It was most encouraging that they were able to meet the short-notice need for foreign travel. Often times, the foreign customer-country delays providing pertinent information until the last minute, but does not want the training start date to slip – as was the instance with this acquisition. MTC had their instructors on stand-by and had made all arrangements necessary for foreign travel, checked the requirements for export licenses/agreements with the State Department and were ready to proceed on a moments notice.

At the time of this writing, MTC has completed all but the last course. Customer feed-back from Bulgarian students reveals they feel they are being provided a quality service, and being educated to a level that allows for the independent operation of their network.